Ham Radio

Ham Radio Station W4WZW


Station Licensee and Control Operator

Capt. James Lowe

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Captain James Lowe
License class: Amature Extra

Mobile Build: RV 39 Foot Toy Hauler

Relocated NE Holmes County FL

Current Grid EM70eu
Why Ham Radio?
I wanted to be able to stay in contact with real people, and stay informed about the " Goings On!" Without relying on social media, or hearing about something on the news, I like that I can have a conversation with someone in my neighborhood on the other side of the world.
  • Personal Growth: Getting the license, learning radio theory, and explore various aspects of the hobby.
  • Independent Communication:
    Ham radio provides reliable communication without need of traditional infrastructure.
    (cell phones, internet, TV)
  • Global Connectivity:
    Connect with operators worldwide and engage in cross-cultural conversations.
  • Community Engagement:
    Join clubs, events, and share knowledge, and make friends.
  • Emergency Communications:
    Play a vital role during emergencies when other systems fail.
  • Information Gathering:
    Access real-time news, weather updates, and relevant information.

The Radio is a Yaesu Ft991-A
I upgraded from the stock mic to a Yaesu M100 microphone.
The M 100 is a dual element mic and has built in lo cut and hi cut filters.
The antenna tuner is a manual Palstar AT2KD
The Palstar AT2KD is slower but seems to work better that the 991-A's internal tuner which also worked.

12v Power-Supply
The 12v Power-Supply was fairly simple being as how this was an RV Build, I already had system 12v system to work with. I simply enhanced it by adding a second battery, and running heavy gauge wire from the batteries to the terminal blocks I installed near the radio.

The Antennas are mounted on DX engineering tilt brackets via 3-inch aluminum angle, bolted through the wall with backing plates on inside. I used stainless steel muffler clamps to attach the 2-inch schedule 40 aluminum pipe to the dx tilt brackets. The Hf antenna is mounted on the rear of the RV and is a Comet CHA 250 HD. And the UHF / VHF antenna mounted near the front is a Comet GP 9 Dual Band.
Both antennas can be laid down via tilt bracket in the event of a storm or down the road travel.

mounted 12 foot above roof line comet GP-9 dual band mounted on 8 foot above 
                                                                                     rv roof line 2inch aluminum mast

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